Min Thant Htoo - Myanmar
Android Developer

I am an Android Developer from Tai Dictionary. I started learning about programming since I was grade 10. Although I am currently studying about medicine, I still in touch with about programming. 

In computing field, I am interested in NLP (Natural Language Processing). I am still trying hard to be able to do Machine Translation, but I still need to learn a lot. That is the reason, which makes me start doing a Tai Dictionary (Eng – Tai & Tai – Eng) Android Apps. 

As Tai Dictionary app is being used by many others, I also will try my best to move forwards. Furthermore, I will try to add some more features which are useful. I personally thanks to Founder of Tai Dictionary, Ven Isariya, to give me a chance to co-operate with Tai Dictionary. 


  • ၵပ်းသိုပ်ႇတိတ်းတေႃႇ

  • 09-4500-5-7744 / 09-444-335-355
  • contact@taidictionary.com
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