Myo Ko - Myanmar
Mac OSX Developer


Myo Ko is a programming enthusiastic. He is interested in solving computing problem for the various activities to create awesome applications for people. Currently, he codes in .NET platform, Java SE and PHP. He is very pleased as he can take part in servicing the Tai Dictionary app to the public. If you want to reach him, knock the door at

  • ၵပ်းသိုပ်ႇတိတ်းတေႃႇ

  • 09-4500-5-7744 / 09-444-335-355
  • ႁ-႑႗/႓႗႗ ပွၵ်ႉၼိူဝ် ၊ တူင်ႇဝဵင်းမူႇၸေႊ ၊ မိူင်းတႆးပွတ်းႁွင်ႇ ၊ မိူင်းႁူမ်ႈတုမ်မၢၼ်ႊ ။
  • ၵမ်ႉၸွမ်းၽၢႆႇလင် -

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