M Buragohain - India

Descending from the Tai-Ahom community of Assam , the Tai community which ruled Assam from 1228AD - 1826AD, he is interested in popularising the Tai communities, their rituals and languages particularly Tais of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh in the cyber world. He is an Youtuber and regularly uploads videos related to Tai & tribal affairs. He has skills in video-editing & logo designing. 

Currently, he works for Ahom Cultural Revival movement as volunteer revivalist. He has interest in Tai languages and has the working knowledge of his own Tai dialect Tai-Ahom , other Tai languages of India, Tai-Long, Tai-Dam, Tai-Mao, Tai-Neau, Standard Thai and Lao. Works specially for Tai-Ahom language promotion and popularisation. 

He is working for Tai Dictionary as a designer, populariser & fund raiser and is very happy to work for it. 

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